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Salesforce Events of 2020 #Infographic

Complete Salesforce Event Timeline for 2020 including Dreamforce, Salesforce World Tour and the Dreamin' events from all over the world

Last Updates

Covid-19 updates

June 2020 (last update March 30th)

- TrailheadX -> Live event (Reimagined)

May 2020 (last update March 14th)

- Connection -> Live event (Reimagined)

- Salesforce World Tour London DELAYED to September

April 2020 (last update March 30th)

- World Tour Boston -> Live event (Reimagined)

- World Tour Toronto -> DELAYED to September

- True North Dreamin ->. DELAYED to August

- DreamOle ->. DELAYED to July

- SoFlo ->. DELAYED to February 21

March 2020 (last update March 14th)

- World Tour Sidney -> Live event (Reimagined)

- Skiforce -> DELAYED

- Banff Dreamin -> DELAYED to November

- London's Calling -> Live event

- South East Dreamin ->. DELAYED to August

other updates

- Date CONFIRMED for Surfforce

- NAMING : PhillyForce / MidAtlantic Dreamin'

- Date CONFIRMED for Virtual Dreamin

- Date CONFIRMED for Kiwi Dreaming

- Date CONFIRMED for Down Under Dreaming Sydney

- Modified dates for Forcelandia

- Dates CONFIRMED for all the World Tour (including the special one in London)

- Date CONFIRMED for Tahoe Dreamin' 2.0 ( to replace NorCal Dreamin for this year)

- Date CONFIRMED for Phillyforce and Florida Dreamin

- New logo for SnowForce

- added missing North Africa Dreamin and CenCal Dreamin

Dreamin events not yet listed without dates:

Day Dreamin' 5280 - #DayDreamin5280

Surf Force - - @Surfforce

Inspire East - - @Inspire_East

Down Under Dreaming - Brisbane

Get to know the different kind of events

Of course you've heard of Dreamforce and certainly about Salesforce World Tour events from Salesforce. But you have to know that there is also great community events call the "Dreamin" events...

You can learn more about those events here : What are Dreamin events


SharinPix has been involved in many events in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 and we are already sponsoring amazing events in 2020 such as London's Calling, French Touch Dreamin and Dreamforce once again... AND more to come!

So now it's time to use this #infographic to prepare your agenda of a great year of Salesforce event in 2020

So what is your plan for 2020?

Paris? Sydney? NY? San-Francisco?

Have a modification that you want us to know about? join us on our twitter : @SharinPix

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