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#SalesforceTour Amsterdam 18 in GIF

Another  SharinPix #GFLOG (blog made with GIF)

Walking around in #SalesforceTour Amsterdam

Getting some Lightning PINS !!!!

Meeting old friends happy to see you again

Before getting famous and posing with the Golden Hoodie!

And get damn happy being Goldie!

Spending more time with friends - great smile there #Ohana

Getting lucky to talk with Tony Prophet with other MVPs

Time to tweet about it!

And now party time having fun at the #SalesforceTour Happy Hour

And then more drinks and fun at partners Party before leaving!

Want more? check the complete pictures album here:

For those who are curious about how those images has been shooted, most of those provide from a Google Clip. Next time you see our CEO around, stop him and ask him about it!

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