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Snap & Say: Speech-to-Text to Document your Photos on Salesforce

Streamline photo documentation with the Snap & Say Feature from SharinPix. With Snap & Say, you can save time and effort via hands-free dictation through top-notch voice recognition for the photos you are taking.

Snap & Say is just one feature of a whole suite of SharinPix capabilities, which will enhance your Salesforce processes, improving your photo efforts and allowing you to retrieve all the correct information in the right record in Salesforce. With SharinPix integration, you can easily call the Snap & Say feature from you Salesforce Mobile App – the feature even works offline.

What can you do with Snap & Say?

Simple and easy to use for your workforce, everything you say during the dictation will be found on the Salesforce rich text field after upload. You can even assign pre-built categories that can be associated with each image (I.e. before and after, or room tags).

The Snap & Say function even works offline, waiting until you have a connection (either WIFI or mobile data) to upload your photos. This is particularly useful when working in the field in places without access to internet or worse, places with spotty connection that goes in and out.

Typically, working outside of network connection means you’re working somewhere where a free hand is a rare sight. This might be in a basement or on a rural rooftop, working to install tiles or solar panels.

What is Snap & Say on SharinPix?

Snap & Say is the speech-to-text feature triggered on your mobile device that allows you to dictate field notes that will be added to an image upon upload to Salesforce. Further, you’ll be able to modify the text live after the dictation to ensure it is correct prior to the automatic upload.

The feature is incredibly easy to use, typically only requiring two or three clicks. Globally, here is how SharinPix Snap & Say works:

  1. Tap and hold to take the picture
  2. Speak aloud to dictate while holding the button
  3. Release to see the text that will be uploaded as the description (you can also modify at this time)
  4. Click anywhere else out of the box to continue taking pictures or continue your job

Check out this video explaining how to use the feature:

Tip: make sure you give the SharinPix app permission to access your microphone before use.

Who can benefit from Snap & Say?

Snap & Say will increase the productivity of any of your field service personnel by freeing up their hands with our speech-to-text feature. This stretches across multiple industries that have people in the field who need to have their hands on other tools besides their mobile device. For example, roofing, solar installation, plumbing, general contracting, drywall, the list goes on.

Give Snap & Say a try yourself!

The best way to get acquainted with features like Snap & Say is to try them out yourself. Of all the features of SharinPix, Snap & Say is among the highest rated for saving time and increasing efficiency in the field.

To learn more about the Snap & Say feature with SharinPix, please head on over to the official documentation:

Not a SharinPix customer?

No problem! Check us out on the Salesforce AppExchange. There, you will be able to find more info, loads of screenshots, and even start a free trial which includes access to the Snap & Say feature.


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