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This picture is the most powerful ever

Any idea why?
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You certainly wonder why a car-park number might actually be interesting in any way. Let us show you.
Pete is headed to the airport, he is travelling back from Paris to San Francisco where he had an important meeting. When he'll be back, he'll have to take his car to go back to another scheduled appointment to report the key points of his Parisian meeting. 
Like every business traveler, he has no time to loose. 
He rushes from the luggage pickup to the parking lot, checking his watch. Thankfully, when he first left, he reminded to take a picture of his parking lot number. 
Now, do you get it?
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You could think that these pictures are meaningless, but you actually use them every day. Take a look at your smartphone's album. You'll  find plenty of these pictures, blurred, wrong angle, well, ugly, but containing informations you shall not want to forget. 
From parking lot number to a clothing brand you liked, these informative pictures are more important than ever. 
This is again proving that picture use has now completely changed. Smartphones have turned our photographies into scans, to do list and notepads. 
So many powerful pictures you own that you weren't aware of.