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What is the HEIC format and what are its limits?

HEIC files are a filename extension of the high-efficiency image file format (HEIF), a container for storing digital images. The file type is most commonly known for its wide usage as the standard image format for the Apple iPhone, which the company adopted in 2017.

The HEIF format is not limited to still images but can also store different types of media such as video and audio. The HEIF images saved on an iPhone photo gallery are HEIC because they contain extra information on encoded image formats called HEVC, which contain data on SDR and HDR, standard or dynamic range quality, respectively.

What are the benefits of HEIC files?

HEIC files are excellent at storing high-quality photographs, like those captured on the iPhone 15’s 48-megapixel camera. Apple chose to adopt this file format due to the streamlined method of compressing photos, which helps save on precious storage on a mobile device. The HEIC can compress photos without sacrificing much quality, something that doesn’t hold true for some other image file formats.

Another key benefit of HEIC, especially for iPhone users, is the file format’s ability to hold multiple media types in one file. This can be in the form of multiple images, as we see with the iPhone’s “Live” or “Burst” photo modes, and even the audio which is sometimes captured along with them.

What are the limitations of HEIC files?

Due to their wide usage with the iPhone, HEIC files have earned a reputation for being difficult to deal with outside the Apple ecosystem.

Even though they used widely on Apple Devices, HEIC files are not standard on other platforms or the web and so have earned a reputation for being difficult to deal with outside of the Apple ecosystem. To view an image in HEIC format on an internet browser, a Windows computer, or an Android device, you must first convert it to another format like JPEG.

HEIC files aren’t at all compatible with web standards and have problems with many image viewers. The way around this problem is to download the image and use a local HEIC viewer or file explorer extension to view it. Doing so may fix your local problem, but they still won’t be as accessible as JPEGs.

How does Salesforce handle HEIC files?

If you’re a Salesforce user who needs to upload many images, specifically if your preferred upload method is from your iPhone, you will run into problems. Salesforce does not support HEIC files in any capacity. Apple is so dominant on the smartphone market, that it’s unavoidable to have someone on your workforce who is using an iPhone. It would be nice to actually be able to see the photos you’ve captured, right?

If you’re trying to upload image files to Salesforce with standard upload methods such as the upload file button or rich text field, you’re better off using JPEG or PNG image files. Once you have the correct file type, you won’t have an issue uploading the image to Salesforce. However, note that for the rich text field, you will are limited to a 1 MB file size.

How does SharinPix unlock the usage of HEIC files on Salesforce?

By its nature, SharinPix supports multiple file formats and uses them only to store the original. SharinPix then automatically provides a resized version of that original format to make it displayable as JPEG (or other web standard format). The image can be displayed in any context such as Salesforce, browser, or even when sent via email.

SharinPix is also unlimited in other areas. Beyond HEIC files, a SharinPix-enabled Salesforce also allows users to upload any image file type beyond the first (and most basic) ones that come to mind. SharinPix upload even supports up to Pro RAW professional image files for those high-quality photos you need to keep the ability to edit.

Want to Learn More about HEIC and SharinPix?

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