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2016 with SHARINPIX in pictures

So many places, so many Awesome people, so many more to come!

SharinPix World Tour

It was a year of travel, a year of meeting in the community, a year of pictures...

Through Tahoe Dreamin, London's Calling, World Tour Amsterdam, Washington, Toronto, London, Paris, Chicago Dreamin, Forcelandia and Dreamforce, it was an amazing year meeting old friends and new friends. Talking about images in Salesforce and taking a lot of Selfies with our #3DHashtags...

Take a tour with us through all those pictures, and vote for your favorites one!

Tahoe Dreamin - first talk of the year

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Snowmobile with Daniel and Zach.. The chilling around with Stue and Eric... it was so great that we decided to get back there this year!

London's Calling - French Touch Dreamin Genesis

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A great time with Baldforce friends... A nice SharinPix talk. And the genesis of French Touch Dreamin!

Salesforce World Tour Toronto - MVP and Baseball

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Hanging with MVP at the Keynote and at a Baseball game with Conga friends!

Salesforce World Tour Washington - more selfies!

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Baldforce picture, selfie with Sassy and great time with MVP friends!

Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam - Baldforce

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a Selfie with Codie on Trailhead zone and a great #baldforce picture at non profit party!

Salesforce World Tour London - Starwars

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Another great time with MVPs, a selfie with Switzerland Group leaders and great #baldforce time at partner day and with Star Wars characters from Phil Walton booth!

Salesforce World Tour Paris - Rooftop

broken image

A talk at trailhead theater, a unified thank you for MVP and UG leaders, a Trailhead zone selfie AND a wonderfull time with friends on a Paris Rooftop!

Midwest Dreamin - #3DHashtags FUN

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Found the best #SelfieAddict ever a wonderfull #AwesomeAdmin pic and such a great time with Apex and the limits!

Chicago MVP - Party/Friends/more...

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Baldforce picture at partner day, diner the day before with friends, a great picture with Parker Harris, and THE MVP selfie!

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Party time pictures with #Baldforce and baseball game friends

Minneapolis - BBQ time!

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A great #SelfieAddict picture with really great friends and a sharing time about my SharinPix experience

Forcelandia - speakers time!

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Incredible diner time with speakers and a enthusiasm talk


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#3DHashtags at SharinPix booth with Community superstars

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#Baldforce, THE Chris Duarte and a wonderfull DF16 diner with SharinPix team

And you? what's your favorite SharinPix picture of the year?