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FREE Salesforce Lightning Image Components

The best way to get started with Images on Lightning Experience!

Get your Photo uploaded on a contact in a snap. Get your leads or opportunity enhanced with Picture.

Components from Image Experts

At SharinPix we have worked for years on images projects within Salesforce and came last year on the AppExchange with an paid App offering everything you can wish using Images in Salesforce.

Even if this App is already available as a component on lightning we decided also to come with a pack of free images components which will offer you the basic functions using Salesforce API.

You can try it for FREE right now on the AppExchange :

Already 3 components and so much more to come

The original version of the package, released on Christmas Day 2016 as a gift for Admins and Devs, started with 3 components :

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Upload Files

This component comes as a button which permits to select multiple files. Those files will be uploaded in background as Attachments.

This component is used by Images Component to upload images but you can use it also to upload files up to 2,5MB.

Read more about Upload Files Component in SharinPix documentation.

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This component permits to upload, display, slide multiple images. It use Files Uploader to store files in object Attachement.It renders automatically files that are already stored as Attachement in the object.

Read more about Images Component in SharinPix documentation.

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This component permits to Display a static image. The image have to be uploaded as an attachement. The AttachementID of this image is to be used in the AttachementId Parameters of Image component to make it render the image.

Read more about Image Component in SharinPix documentation.

What could i do with those components?

Multiple Files Upload in just one click (any format)

Using Upload Files you can add a button at any place in the App Builder or Page Builder to offer a way to upload multiple files to a specific record (including the current one in Page Builder) in just ONE CLICK! 

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Even if by defaults the filter is set to image formats, you can manually change that and pick any type of files as soon as the size is smaller than 2,5MB.

Carousel with Property Pictures (works also with other kind of pictures!)

Using the Images component you will start to get Image Management Features to the object of your choice. You could use this to manage Property pictures as an example. Of course, this work also if you are managing something else than properties. But you'll be able from there to let the user upload images directly at the place it will be rendered, move from a picture to another using the Left/Right navigation button and even delete unwanted pictures.

Announcement through a Picture in Home page

Using the Image Component you get a way to display a picture to guide your users under Lightning Experience. As it is compatible with Page Builder and App Builder, you can also add this to the Home Page and get an easy way to render announcement with an image provided by your marketing.

The sky the limit!

Anything you would like to do with images are available using SharinPix Components and App. So don't stop to this small list and imagine what you could get by enhancing your Salesforce with the FREE components and the basic features included or with the paid App and the advanced features available.

Want more?

SharinPix paid app could be tried there for free for 14 days :

It includes many incredible features such as :

  • Unlimited storage
  • HUGE image file
  • Every Image format : JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, ICO, EPS, SVG, FLIF, TARGA, WEBP
  • Adobe files : Adobe Photoshop PSD, Adobe Ilustrator AI, Adobe PDF   
  • Edition on images (within Salesforce) Crop/Rotate
  • Annotation on images (Drawing tools + text)
  • Optimized display (according to your devices resolution)
  • Multiple image selection
  • Multiple image workflows
  • Image transformation and synchronisation to Salesforce fields without code
  • Tag on pictures (metadata)
  • EXIF extraction to Salesforce (Date, GPS, ...)
  • and so much more!

Do you think there is something that we may add as a feature? Just ask for it!