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How to use a CAMERA with Salesforce1 to drive efficiency #INFOGRAPHIC

Never wonder what you could achieve with your Camera to improve your business process in Salesforce?


Check this Infographic to get the point about it...

Earlier this year, David Giller (Salesforce MVP and CEO at Brainiate) initiated an open dialogue on Twitter, asking others in the Salesforce community to share ideas and examples of how they are using their smartphone camera along with Salesforce1 for collaborating efficiently at work.

This started a global conversation on the topic, and inspired the SharinPix team to create the infographic below.

Here you will find examples showing how our customers are using photos to work more effectively and using Salesforce1 along with their camera's phone in a simple, natural and impactful way.

So don't stop about saying you won't be able to implement those easily because SharinPix made all of those available with few clicks and include UNLIMTED STORAGE!

Any questions about some of those use cases? Just add a comment or send us an email !

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So now you found out how you can dramatically improve your team productivity with images, try it for free from the AppExchange