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DREAMFORCE 2016 was epic (in pics)!

SharinPix team had such a great time in San Francisco, thanks to all of you who came to our booth, took picture with us and get the best fun with our 3D hashtags! Find your picture down there for your 15 (minutes) seconds of fame

If you want to see ALL the pictures taken at our booth - try our SharinPix component on our Salesforce Community where you can find ALL the pictures  taken (with your courtesy) and which could be downloaded in full resolution there!

and yes, all those pictures has been uploaded in less than 1 min

within Salesforce and available right away on the Community thanks to SharinPix!

Before the event...

on the plane from Paris... the team diner before the rush

On our way to the Cloud Expo!

dreamforce here we come!

just the time for a selfie with old friends before getting to the booth

to find us? follow the sign!

ok, now sounds like the team is ready for #awesome selfies

3D Hashtags fun!

With Janet from Modern Star our Australian customer! So happy to meet her in real

And lot of MVPs coming to our booth to get more about SharinPix and have some fun with us

Even Adam Seligman came!

Baldforce Time!

My partner in crime (i'm in the left, he is on the right in case you can't get who's who) Phil Walton : seems like we are ready for our Charity #Baldforce event sponsored by SharinPix

does Erica will shave her hair?

crowdy event, lot of people, some are just #baldFriendly but we totally accept the diversity!

The epic #baldforce official picture

ok Erica, we were close to raise enough money, maybe you'll shave your head next year?

and the winer of the gifts (not only the blade, he also had a go pro and so many other great stuff)

More fun on our booth

This selfie has been voted THE best selfie of the whole DF16 (at least one of the most crazy one)

and more MVPs and great community figures coming to our booth... Can you name them all?

Demo Jam time!

It was in Palace hotel, in the Marketing lounge with competitor friends! Great time there showing more about how we can use pictures in Salesforce

joining the French delegation at night time

more than 400 french for a cocktail in a nice SF place... it was great !

Day 2 : some more fun to go!

another great round of incredible MVPs stopping by at our booth!

then time for another #Baldforce picture at the keynote

and back again on the booth to see more fun with CloudForGood peeps...

... and some other Salesforce MVPs again!

Then, time for the dreamfest

drinks, burgers, U2, dancing... and some delay with buses!

Day 3: starting really early

Newbie breakfast a great time, not to miss!

and a pretty good time for a quick but #awesome time with THE chris Duarte

and once again, more fun with 3D hashtags on our booth!

and for sure, don't miss the Admin Keynote.... (if you are an #AwesomeAdmin)

Final day!

an #awesome trailhead picture with the #awesome Samantha ready!

few more MVPs and Salesforce stars stopping to our booth again...

and before getting to sad, some fun from the team as well...

Ok, it was fun, but we are so sad it's already the end!

a toast to #DF16... we are already looking forward to #DF17!

If you haven't find your picture here, please try our SharinPix component on our Salesforce Community where you can find ALL the pictures taken (with your courtesy) and which could be downloaded in full resolution there!

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