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Images in social Media in 60 seconds

do you have any ideas about how many pictures are shared in 60 seconds?

Images in Social Media

Thanks to the smartphones, we use to take more and more picture during our everyday life.

Some of those pictures are taken especially to end on social media, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter or the very specialized Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest.

But how many pictures are uploaded in those in 60 seconds?

Check this GIF made by SharinPix to get the answer!

- Images in social Media in Real Time -

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How many? no? really?

  • Facebook gets 136,020 uploaded photos every minute
  • Google+ gets 34,740 new photos every minute
  • Instagram gets 55,560 new photos every minute
  • Pinterest gets 14,460 new pins every minute
  • AND ..... 527,760 images are snapped on Snapchat.

Now, you know how BIG the image usage is from the real world outside of your company.

Imagine what it could be inside your Salesforce! 

So if you want to get your Salesforce ready to improve any business processes with those images habits from users, customers and partners, try SharinPix right now for free for 14 days from the AppExchange here :

Thanks to who provides the original numbers here.