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A - not so spontaneous - selfie

How selfie change the way we use pictures on a day to day basis

Here is an image we are not even close to forget. In a growingly self-centred society, this image has captured what is considered as the beginning of the selfie era.

Let’s see this image in a few figures

Behind this so-called spontaneity, lies a well-orchestrated marketing strategy operated by Samsung. Official sponsor for the Oscar show, the brand invested over 20 million dollars to give Ellen Degeneres a Samsung Galaxy Note, with which she took the now-so-famous picture.

This strategy is even more efficient that Samsung has invested in a VIP sponsorship program, offering its service to the “greatest” of this world, guarantying a worldwide communication, which isn’t considered as publicity by the public. Clever.

We chose, here at Sharinpix, to begin our blogging adventure throughout image power with this picture, because it embodies our present world: image that carries values –here of celebrity, power, money, movies (and so much more)- which can actually change the way we use our image, from souvenirs to staging our own lives.

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