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#Thedress, from useless buzz to powerful campaign

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You have already seen this dress. Yes, you have. Think a bit more. Here it is, this is #thedress which has, in an hour or so, turned upside down the whole twittosphere.

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This very exasperating debate has been turned into a mind-blowing campaign. The Salvation Army has taken this opportunity to bring awareness to domestic abuse. #TheDress has taken on a serious topic now.

The NGO kicked off a powerful campaign featuring the famous dress in white and gold.  

The only black and blue are the bruises covering the woman’s body.

Angela McIntosh, Digital Strategy and Integrated Marketing Specialist of The Salvation Army’s Western USA Territory, offers advice for big brands experiencing explosive virality on the internet. 

“In our case, the exposure was amazing, unexpected and allowed for a broader conversation on a important topic. When something goes viral, you need to be ready not only with messaging but also with an opportunity for your audience to take action. Setting up a MobileCause Volunteer Fundraiser campaign took me a total of 5 minutes. Now our message can be two-fold: 1) Here’s a powerful important issue, 2) Here’s something you can do about it

The Salvation Army has managed to expose how a meaningless buzz can be turned into a powerful campaign serving a serious topic.

Antoher powerful pic !