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Photoshop is not only useful for Kim K’s body manipulations

How photoshop can be a game changer for NGO’s communication

On this 22nd of April, our planet celebrated the Earth Day, a special day to focus on climate key stakes and environmental issues.

This was, for us, time to focus on a kind of image we particularly appreciate, Awareness Ads.

Nowadays, photoshop is clearly seen as a faking tool. Useful for stars around the world like Kim Kardashian West, but also for every fashion ad or magazine cover. Well, we’re here today to announce that photoshop IS a game changer and might help us changing our world, for good.

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This ad is part of the « Surfrider foundation Europe » as part of the #oceaninitiative to help awareness towards ocean pollution and the risk we take through our carelessness.

This ad uses the codes of classic advertisement but is yet applying it to a global cause that aims everyone. The use of photoshop is clearly claimed and not hidden, casting away the « faking » use of the tool which here serves so many key subjects. 

By using the classical means of communications to increase awareness on a subject, NGO’s around the world have managed to touch and strike many. Thus showing that photoshop power is not meaningless and can be applied in a very serious subject.

Through this very particular use of the Adobe Tool, NGO’s and their creative agencies, have created a new kind of ads : awareness campaigns.

The most striking and well known brand using of this kind of campaign is WWF and Greenpeace. Not only they use the classical communication means but also create viral images shared through the social medias instantly.

Here are a few ads that have particularly stricken us (and had a real awareness power on our team).

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(Image Source: Ads of the World)

Act Fast. The longer we delay in helping children with autism, the harder they are to reach. Act fast, act today.

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Anyone Can Give The Miracle Of Life. Donating your organ to save a life is equivalent to giving birth to a baby, and we all know that they are both miracles.

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Before It’s Too Late. Give our Mother Earth a chance to breath.

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Brain Corals. 70% of plastic ends up in the sea, and they will never go ‘extinct’.

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Censorship Tells Wrong Story. An amusing and cheeky advertisement which is done by adding some pixelation into play!

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Consequences Stay With You Forever. A stunning advertisement with stunning effects. Nothing is more painful than regret.

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Don’t Buy Exotic Animal Souvenirs. If you buy them, they were killed because of you.

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So many powerfulpix, we will come back on this subject that affects us so much.

Hoping that these had an effect on you !