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From picture to action, there is only one step

How picture is now not only a proof, a memory, a reminder, but also a shopping tool !
Customers habits are clearly evolving with technologies, image is here again used in a new way, to bring revolution into your selling point. 
You can see it, at the bus-stop, between two interviews, on your couch or even in physical stores, smartphone in hands, consumers are increasingly using their smartphone, and their camera, to improve their buying experience. 
Lately, we have been noticing a special commercial in feminine magazines. This ad is about Zoomdle, a new application which enables readers to take pictures of their favourite items directly in their magazines and buy it live. 
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We can say it frankly, we would have thought, a few years ago, that the QR code was the new selling point. But today we can see emerge the use of picture as a buying mean. 
The start-up Zoomdle has launched an innovative new concept to connect print media, brands and online businesses.  It could well become the shopping of the future!
How about your pictures were your new salespoints ? 
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This can and will definitely happen as retail companies are seeking for new web-to-store - media-to-store solutions . 
SharinPix can make that happen !
For your customers and for your employees, as tomorrow's needs will totally include internal concerns. 
These are tomorrow's powerful pix