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What if your #pornfood pictures could actually help you loose weight ?

Or how Im2Calories will change the way we see that raspberry donut...

Google recently unveiled an app at a tech conference in Boston that can guess the number of calories in your Instagram food photos.

Im2Calories is an artificial intelligence software that uses algorithms to estimate the number of calories in your Instagram food photos, Popular Science reported.

“In one example, the system looked at an image, and counted two eggs, two pancakes and three strips of bacon. Since those aren’t exactly universal units of measurement, the system gauged the size of each piece of food, in relation to the plate, as well as any condiments.”
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"The idea behind the project is to simplify the process of keeping a food diary, eliminating the need to manually plug your foods and serving sizes into an app," Google research scientist Kevin Murphy said.

The system gauges the size of pieces of food in relation to the plate to generate a calories estimate, and the user will have the option to approve or disapprove and make corrections if the software misreads your pics.

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"We're going to average over a week or a month or a year. And now we can start to potentially join information from multiple people and start to do population level statistics," Murphy was quoted as saying.

According to Murphy, the technology has other possible uses too, if it comes out successful in its current usage.

It' not clear as yet when Im2Calories will be available.

An innovation to follow... And another proof of the power of image, imagine the possibilities for your business based on image !