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Take a picture... and wake up !

When picture identification helps you to get out of bed
How many times have you woken late because you had turned off that "very on time" alarm on your phone ? 
We might have a proper solution for you !
Meet "Alarmy (Sleep if you can)" a new app developed by Delight Room. 
Alarmy is smart AND stubborn! Once you tell Alarmy to wake you up, it won’t stop until the job is done! You can yell and scream and beg and try to hit snooze, but it won’t matter, Alarmy will force you to start your day whether you want to or not!
Discover the app through this short video.
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How does it work? 
  • “Register” a designated room or area in your home.
  • Set the alarm time and day(s). 
  • Set the alarm to music or a tone.
  • Choose how to stop the alarm: snap a picture of registered room or shake phones a certain number of times (you set the number).
  • Sleep…
  • GET UP and snap a picture of the registered room or shake the phone for a while or that alarm ain’t stopping! 
  • Nice! Now you can nail that interview, get to the lecture, or watch your favorite morning cartoon or anything else the day holds!
Do you see now why this app matters? 
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Once again, this app displays a new mean to use pictures.
Imagine the infinite possibilities which will emerge from this media
Some brand new powerfulpix !