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Empower your field employees with SharinPix mobile checklists

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The Checklist feature from SharinPix is the perfect wayto enable your employees in the field who need to conduct inspections or takemultiple pictures at once, in an organized way. The Checklist removes theplanning step from the equation when on site and prevents the technician from forgetting any portion of the inspections.

What are checklists on the SharinPix mobile app?

The checklist feature with SharinPix is a highly customizable tagging system that come ready to be filled with images uploaded by your users. You can set up the checklist to have whatever tags fit your use case, for example “before” and “after,” or the names of all the necessary photos for an inspection (kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.).

SharinPix checklist has a completion signifier where the user must upload a minimum number of pictures prior to upload. The signifier will turn from red to green when the minimum amount is uploaded, and user can move on to the next tag or complete the upload.

Check out this video to see the checklist feature in action:

What are the benefits of SharinPix checklists?

The number one benefit of the SharinPix checklist is time saved for your people in the field. Users working in inspections in construction, installation, retail, or eCommerce can all benefit from the checklist feature.

The checklist removes errors that technicians or inspectors can make in the field by blocking completion of the inspection, or other picture taking, without completing the minimum required amount.

What are some use cases for the SharinPix checklist?

As mentioned above, there are a number of industries and use cases that can take advantage of the SharinPix checklist capabilities. Here are a few specific examples:


eCommerce or retail users can use the checklist feature to take specific photos for online product detail pages. Typically, a product detail page has a hero image featuring the packaging and one picture of each angle of the product. Sometimes, an image of the contents or interior is necessary as well, these can all be tags in the SharinPix checklist.

Insurance Claims

Pictures of something from different angles isn’t only useful for consumer goods, it’s also useful in insurance claims. If a field inspector is documenting damage on a car, they’ll want to get images from afar, up close and at as many angles as possible. On top of that, the inspector will need a picture of the VIN number to identify the vehicle. All of those picture angles and views could also be listed as tags in the checklist.

Housing Inspection

The most common and straightforward usage of the SharinPix checklist is the general inspection of something like a home or an apartment, where the tags are the required rooms that the inspector needs to take photos of. You can see this type of example in the video linked above.

Want to try SharinPix Checklist yourself?

SharinPix Checklist Documentation

Not a SharinPix customer?

No problem! Visit our AppExchange listing. There, you will be able to find more info, loads of screenshots, and even start a free trial which includes access to the Checklist feature.

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