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What’s new in SharinPix for the Second Half of 2023?

We at SharinPix want to keep our current and prospective users up to date on the most recent developments and bug fixes so we can make sure you’re getting the most out of our experience with SharinPix products.

With the official Salesforce 2024 Spring Release coming, here are some of the development highlights from Q3 and Q4 of 2023 that you should be aware of:

New Features for Q3 2023

Q3 2023 brought with it a long list of features, especially for the SharinPix Mobile App and its usage related to PDFs. In this area, we launched a suite of features to improve the user interface and speed up loading time on visual elements. Here are a couple of the most impactful examples of new features for the SharinPix Mobile App:

PDF Auto-Save

Now if you’re working on a PDF within the SharinPix mobile application, you can close the app and your progress will be automatically saved. This will help prevent loss of work when accidentally closing the application.

Mandatory Photo Field in PDF

When you’re creating a PDF form for, as an example, a customer to sign upon completion of a repair job, you can now make the photo field in the PDF mandatory. So, the field technician will be obligated to snap a photo of the completed repair work before submitting the PDF doc and closing the case.

Photo Annotation within PDFs

While using Photo Field in the offline form (PDF form), users can now use annotations on top of photos.

Team Checklist on Mobile Launcher

Beyond those features, we successfully launched another completely new feature called Team Checklist for the SharinPix Mobile App. This feature is the next iteration of the classic SharinPix feature: Checklist, which enables users to take guided, pre-tagged photos in the field through an interactive interface.

The Team Checklist brings this functionality to groups working in the same capacity to take and view photos at a location simultaneously. This is an ideal feature for teams taking inspection photos of a large location and splitting the area among inspectors, or for people who need to see photos taken live. This second example in practice would make it possible for management on the ground level to review photos being taken on a rooftop live.

New Features for Q4 2023

Efforts in Q4 2023 brought our users several anticipated features, such as the long-awaited SharinPix Share and improvements to file naming as well as improvements to display abilities within the album. Here are some key details on the Q4 highlights:

SharinPix Share

This new feature makes it possible to share photos with external stakeholders in a clean and organized fashion. From your SharinPix album in Salesforce, you simply share via a new SharinPix Share component, which adds a “Share” button to your page builder. Clicking the button will create a link that you can send out to have people gain access to the gallery.

With SharinPix Share, you can keep the selection order, pick different capabilities to manage shared images, view or add annotations, and more!Here is an example of SharinPix Share that you can interact with directly:

It’s always a good idea to keep improving your classic features. This time around, we’ve added a few improvements to the SharinPix Album component. Namely, full-screen viewing options, a tag filter, and upgraded sorting options.

How can I learn more about Q3/Q4 2023 new features?

These are a few examples of the highlights you’ll find within your daily usage of SharinPix as a result of the efforts made in Q3 and Q4 2024. To find out what else was accomplished during that quarter, check out the exhaustive lists here:

What Bugs Were Fixed in Q3 2023?

In addition to all of those new features that we onboarded during Q3 2023, we also got to work fixing a few small things in our ecosystem that needed some extra attention. From the SharinPix Mobile App, our team fixed several bugs related to display and UI. For example:

  • Thumbnails that were not showing up correctly on the SharinPix Mobile App have been fixed.
  • The description field on the SharinPix Mobile App would disappear after taking a picture, which has now been corrected.
  • Within the Checklist feature on the SharinPix Mobile App, users can now swipe between images that were taken in another part of the checklist.

What Bugs Were Fixed in Q4 2023?

The team stayed hard at work throughout Q4 as well, working to fix several bugs related to the SharinPix Mobile App and Album component. Here are a few highlights:

  • Users were experiencing trouble saving HEIC format images from the SharinPix Mobile app, this is now fixed.
  • We saw some freezing during drag and drop upload with the SharinPix Album, but this has now been fixed as well.
  • The SharinPix Album Lightning Web Component now displays custom labels correctly.

If you’d like to learn more about the bug fixes that occurred in the second half of 2023, please refer to the official release notes for Q3 and Q4 that are linked at the start of this section.

Want to Improve Image Usage on Salesforce or Make Your SharinPix Implementation Effortless?

That’s fantastic! We’d love to help you use images in Salesforce to increase efficiencies at your organization. Our Visual Experts are always on standby ready to help with an implementation, no matter the use case. To find out more about SharinPix, please visit our listing on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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