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SharinPix and the Salesforce Spring 2024 Release

The time has come to dive deep into Salesforce's Spring 2024 release notes. If you’re a SharinPix customer or are considering giving SharinPix a try, you might wonder how the Salesforce updates will affect SharinPix features and functionality.

This article will be the first of its kind that will coincide with each Salesforce release. Our goal is to match pace with Salesforce in keeping you updated on what’s new at SharinPix.

Filled with new features and improvements to old ones, the Spring 2024 release brings many positive changes to the Salesforce ecosystem. The new additions to Salesforce open new ways to use SharinPix and get the best experience possible as you make your Salesforce more visual.

Using SharinPix with New Salesforce Document Builder

Salesforce continues to work on its new Document Builder feature, allowing users to create formatted service documents to send out information to clients easily or collect signatures in the field. As a SharinPix customer, you’ll be able to use SharinPix within the Document Builder to be able to include high-quality images in your documents using the SharinPix advanced printable images component.

If you are not yet a SharinPix customer, using these two functionalities together can inspire trust in your clients, providing them with detailed visual documentation when signing off on service reports, repair invoices, and more.

Rich Text Field Print View

With the Spring 2024 release, Salesforce has addressed an issue users were experiencing when trying to display a record in the printable view. Images that users uploaded into the rich text field were cut off once the user displayed the record page in a printable view. With the update, the images will stay within the borders of the printable area.

It’s great to have this barrier for image display on print view removed for standard Salesforce users, but there are still some limitations when using the rich text field for image upload. The most notable (and most inconvenient) is the file size limit of 1 MB per image. With SharinPix, users can upload and display photos of any size and display them in the rich text field.

To learn more about image display in the rich text area with SharinPix, check out this guide.

Make your Salesforce Dashboards Visual

Continuing in the realm of the rich text field, but only in a visual sense, not directly related to SharinPix, is the ability to put widgets in Lightning Dashboards. Available in all editions of Salesforce after being limited to the “Unlimited” and “Performance” editions. This new update also expands the maximum number of widgets from 20 to 25, with a limit of only 2 images.

How can I make my Salesforce more Visual?

If you’d like to go a step further and make your Salesforce the ultimate visual resource for your users and customers, whether they need to capture images, display them, or share them with external sources, check out SharinPix on the AppExchange.

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