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Upload Scanned Documents to Salesforce Alongside your Photos

A SharinPix Feature Highlight

The Smart Document Scanning feature from SharinPix helps your end users have access to their paper documents digitally within Salesforce. The Scan Docs feature is part of the image capturing system in the SharinPix mobile app, which works alongside the Salesforce mobile app to allow your field workers to easily upload new photos into Salesforce.

How do you Scan Documents with SharinPix?

Scanning documents using SharinPix couldn’t be any easier. You can access the ability to scan docs via the SharinPix mobile application that you can open from the Salesforce mobile app or Field Service mobile app.

Once in the appropriate record on either of those two apps, you can click through to open the SharinPix mobile application without needing an extra login. From there, you will see several options at the bottom of your screen. Tap on “Scan” and make sure to have your documents at the ready.

Align your documents in the camera’s viewfinder and press the capture button to scan the doc. Repeat this process as many times as needed for all the documents you need to scan. Finally, you can return to the record in Salesforce (either on the mobile app or on the web) to find your scanned documents.

To learn more, you can check out this video which demos the Smart Document Scanning feature:

What are the Benefits of Scanning Docs with SharinPix?

Scanning documents via SharinPix will allow you to easily have all your documents digitally in a Salesforce record. Naturally, this eliminates the need to keep original paper documents, but it also makes the sharing of documents with clients or field workers much easier.

Combined with the other native components of SharinPix, Smart Document Scanning is the perfect feature to round out your Salesforce visual toolkit.

Who uses the Scan Doc Feature with SharinPix?

The Scan Document feature brings time-saving efficiency to many job types in several industries. Here are a few of the most common examples that we see among our customers:

Real Estate

Real Estate companies need to process large applications for renters and home financing for buyers. Along this process, there is inevitably some paper documentation that the client will provide to the agency for review.

Physical copies of official documents like birth certificates can be validated by the real estate agent and uploaded to their case file in Salesforce for future reference. The same is true for any number of useful documents related to renting or buying.

Field Service Workers

While much documentation for installations or repairs is done digitally, there are still some industries that rely on printouts of invoices or service reports to be physically signed by clients.

When on the field doing a follow-up inspection of, for example, a window that wasn’t installed correctly, the service agent can open a new file and attach any physical documentation that the client has related to the original installation. This also applies to receipts for emergency repairs the client has paid for and done themselves.


Many boots-on-the-ground workers in brick-and-mortar retail locations benefit from being able to seamlessly upload scanned documents and images they’ve just snapped in the field at the same time.

To give a concrete example, the people who work to receive goods in the back of grocery stores need to snap photos of the delivery itself from multiple angles, and upload a copy of the signed invoice given by the delivery driver. This process is executed in less than a minute with SharinPix Document Scan plus photo capture capabilities.

Want to try SharinPix Document Scan yourself?

You can access the feature via the SharinPix mobile app. Take a look at the official documentation for the Checklist feature to learn how to access it:

Not a SharinPix customer?

No problem! Visit our AppExchange listing. There, you will be able to find more info, loads of screenshots, and even start a free trial which includes access to the Scan Doc feature.

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