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London's Calling in Pictures

SharinPix have been part of this incredible community event in London!
Here are the best pictures from this amazing time...
Photo recap from #LondonsCalling, thanks to all those who came to our talk and see our demo session. If you think that your picture deserve to be a part of this article and is not already there, just publish it on twitter using #LondonsCalling and our @SharinPix handle to let us know!
Learn more about London's Calling :
Speakers getting ready for their #LondonsCalling talk, rehearsal / breakfast time
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Coffee time inside #LondonsCalling
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the #LondonsCalling #Salesforce25 people to meet!
How many of the #Salesforce25 have you had a selfie with so far?
The Awesome people behind #LondonsCalling success introducing the day!
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The incredible and so inspiring Erica Kuhl for the first #LondonsCalling Keynote of the day
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Such a great keynote about the power of @salesforce #community by the wonderful @ericakuhl #inspiring
Another great time to share about #ImagesInSalesforce at #LondonsCalling
@jmmougeolle at @LDNsCall explaining why images matters in @salesforce #SharinPix
A great expo area with great and interesting #LondonsCalling sponsors 
Don't forget to check out the stands! #LondonsCalling
Funiest pic from Empaua booth fun picture
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Demo Jam Time at #LondonsCalling
@LDNsCall @XactlyEMEA common @johnwhi #Demojam looking forward to your 2 mins of fame!
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An incredible #LondonsCalling ending keynote by Peter Cofee 
Latest formula fields from @petercoffee at @LDNsCall closing keynote
the #LondonsCalling team "Thank you" to the community
Great work! Thank you!! 9 countries represented today @LDNsCall
Belgium, Spain and maybe france to be the place for the next European Community event next to #LondonsCalling?
France, Spain and Belgium community leaders just announced their community events st #LondonsCalling Woohoo!!!!
#LondonsCalling Party time!
Happy Hour! #LondonsCalling
#BaldForce was also in #LondonsCalling
#Baldforce @LDNsCall
Simon having a really fun #TrailHead ride at #LondonsCalling
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#LondonsCalling PhoneBooth Party time!
@LDNsCall after show party. Beer may have been consumed. Good times!  #LondonsCalling
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French team at #Londonscalling #funtime. Can't wait to do the same in Paris!
French team at #Londonscalling #funtime. Can't wait to do the same in Paris!
French team at #Londonscalling #funtime. Can't wait to do the same in Paris!
and then everybody needs to rest... even Astro!
The fearless @LDNsCall leaders taking a mindful moment....@KerryTownsend @radnip @simongoodyear
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Next stop? Paris?
What about if we organise something like this awesome #LondonsCalling event in France this year? Will you come?