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Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam 2016 

in Pictures

Maybe the best #Salesforce25 cover ever... and so many other great unexpected moments in pictures to discover from the community in Amsterdam

Belgium and Netherlands community is really really full of #awesome people, you can learn more about them in the #Salesforce25 list from Phil Walton that we were so happy to sponsor (could be found here )

non profit event - the night before SFWT

Thanks for the invitation Sergei, skybar was really a nice place to network with the Non profit community! and good time to start check some #Salesforce25 people!

A nice way to start, is a #baldforce picture with 3 from the #Salesforce25 including Phil, Jean-Michel and the number 11 Ivar Jansen

Drink time with Phil and great other people

one more MVP, from belgium : Samuel Number3 from #Salesforce25

Sergei, number 7 form #Salesforce25, thanks again for the invitation

Ivar Jansen giving a great shout-out to the awesome community around salesforce non profit user group

This guy is number 26 in #Salesforce25! Bass Visser CEO of Step Orange....

Ok, let me check how many i already got from #Salesforce25 mmmm 6 not that bad on the evening before the event...

A last bite before going to get some rest for the DAY!

Sun is going down, ok, see you all tomorrow!


early in the morning, to the RAI convention center

Waiting for the TRAM Amsterdam looks great at 8AM... not crowd, not too cloudy.... just a little wind and sun

Bikes everywhere, while riding the tram, checking emails and twitter...

arriving to RAI convention Center, once again bikes everywhere... i stil have to find the entry!

SalesforceWorld TOUR, HERE I AM!

Time to register with my Lightining iPhone 

Keynote time!

First Selfie of the day with Sassy, ok he is not in the #Salesforce25 but i don't care!

Time to hunt more #Salesforce25 guys... 2 more there Olivier number 9 and Hamza number 1!

And one more great but quick time to talk with Guillaume Roques number 18 from #Salesforce25 before the keynote to start

keynote time with Mark Hawkins

Time to take some pictures to tweet....

Let's head to the Expo....

Crowdy time there

Colin #14 from #Salesforce25 and William Coleman, nice talking to you again (get ready for an awesome time at the European Community Even in France next november)

Fun time at the User Group Booth with other Group Leaders

even Sassy came to visit the booth! Nice t-shirt for the leaders with Jesse and Jan (#22 in #Salesforce25)

Lot's of fun.... 

and some serious time as well.... with Rob #20 from #Salesforce25...

ok, let's the image expert take another selfie for Sergei and Jesse!

one more great guy from #Salesforce25 with Robin #25 from the list

Let's go for some #Trailhead fun

Catching Mike, always a great pleasure to talk with you!

my #trailhead time includes a lot of talk with great people i know for so long time....

and meeting new ones such as Georgio #23 from the #Salesforce25 list

ok, i'll ve earned one more badge there... 

... so i deserve to have an #ASTRO!!!!!

Time to help for another #Trailhead bear selfie

and to take one!

Time to  support my MVP fellow Samuel talking about Lightning Components...

more pictures, more great time

a lot of selfies, including Sassy, the Bear... or even both of them! #combo

i head to give a hand to KNGF buying 2 of those puppies...

Some other great time with Julien, another french lost in Amsterdam, sharing his Analytics Cloud knowledge

great meetings with Kathryn Connors from ISV team....

... and great discussion with Bas again

Cocktail time

having some more bites in the expo area

let's go for more sharing time around a drink!

leaving the RAI for the PUB!

My iPhone need more power....

a nice american steak!

demo time for a SharinPix Customer based in the US from Amsterdam, Working from everywhere... 

time for the last drinks before going.... 

Thanks for this so wonderfull time.... Hope to see you all at the French Community Event next November.

#Salesforce25 score : 14... not so bad! What's yours?

*Pictures from Narrative Clip and iPhones - Thanks for all who shared pictures and helped to make this cover possible

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