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Salesforce World Tour Washington in Pictures

The US Capital gets the best of Salesforce during one day, and we were part of this! 3rd Stop of the #SharinPixTour after Amsterdam and Casablanca... Get the spirit of this day in pictures!

Washington! US Capital... and Salesforce World Tour STOP for SharinPix! Nice time with all the MVPs, the Gov ecosystem and all the salesforce users...

Time to get to the Convention Center... 

Getting ready by saving the registration TAG to the Apple Watch!

Registration down with the Apple Watch, now heading to the Keynote!

Great time networking with the MVPs friends around, including Toya Gatgewood, Sarah Deutsch, Mark Roos and Alex Sutherland! and of course JM Mougeolle our CEO!

Erin Willet was there to rock the stage, and the MVPs to warm up the Keynote!

Thank you by Parker Harris to the MVP who were attending!

Very first #BaldForce picture of the day!

Back to the Cloud Expo, networking time!

Grabbing something to eat and to drink before getting back to the session....

Incredible and so inspiring time during the fireside chat with Colin Powell

Twitting about this, feeling lucky to be at the first row....

Good time to share this with the salesforce community on Periscope!

Back to the Cloud Expo, more networking time to go....

Time to demo SharinPix to people on the Lightning Service Field area... 

Visiting the Salesforce for Gov zone....

Checking the Gov Exec Console show....

... Driving a virtual ship wearing Oculus!

And getting one more demo from the HHS Case Management!

Ok, this is it, time to get to the #AwesomePeople party to finish the day!

Great non profit, MVP and Group leaders at this party....

Time for more #Baldforce Picture!

Shooting the very first video of our coming webserie (#LastSFPix) soon on our Youtube channel.... Thanks Sarah for this!

Watching the hockey game, networking, eating, drinking and .... it's already time to end this great day!

Washington time was damn so great, can't wait for the #SharinPixTOUR next STOP : TORONTO!

Pictures taken with iPhone and Narrative Clip

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