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Midwest Dreamin 2016 in pictures

Midwest Dreamin is the bigger Community event and took place in Chicago Navy Pier!

SharinPix was an Happy GOLD sponsor at Midwest Dreamin, if you took a picture at our booth, you can check it there on our Community using our Lightning Component

Or you can walk through this blog to check how it was like to be part of this great Community event!

Midwest dreamin Day1

Time to setup SharinPix booth and getting ready for people to take a lot of pictures with our real hashtags!

nice to network with our WIT leaders neighboor

Then Keynote time with Erica Kuhl and great people showing the way

warming up by Apex and The Limits!

once again a great keynote with Erica

in front of a stacked room!

Great MVP and Salesforce people at SharinPix booth...

Always time for a #Baldforce when Phil is in the place....

Eric aka the founder

Time for DEMO Jam!

discussing about how it's organized with Francis Pindar and Amanda Nelson

fun time on stage, even if SharinPix wasn't the winner... for this time!

Then Lunch party for a wonderfull evening with incredible people... again

Midwest Day 2

Starting in music with Apex and the limits....

and then a Lion came up, filmed by a Wizard... yes everything can happen at MWD

great people at our booth

WIT booth next to SharinPix hosted by Holly for some hours...

The pro photo bomber and Iot Specialist even came to our booth

and so many great MVPs as well...

Lunch BREAK!

and trivia game.....

and great winners posing with our Real hashtags, definitely #AwesomeAdmin !

some other great people at our booth to end this great day in Chicago, with more pictures and more fun!

Ending Keynote by Peter Coffe

Time for MDW team to thanks everyone!

Ending time - party - drinks and... more pictures

we found the ultimate Selfie Addict

drink few more glasses with great friends....

and it's time to say goodbye!

Goodbye Midwest Dreamin, see you next year!

Now it's time to think of the next #SharinPixTour STEP in pictures : Get ready for Minneapolis Developper User Group!

Pictures taken with iPhone and Narrative Clip

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