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Salesforce MVP Chicago SUMMIT 2016

Get the best of #ChicagoMVP16 in pictures...

First day in Chicago....

Arriving in Chicago

Great view from the W Lakeshore hotel

Nice pizza time with MVP buddies!

Summit Day1

MVP partner meetup​

great time with a lot of other partners

time for the first #baldforce picture of the Summit

MVP Summit first afternoon

workshop and great discussion with everyone from all over the world

MVP Summit Happy hour

Cocktail with great people, time to take a new #baldforce picture!

drinking beer with nice MVPs

time to eat few heathly things....

and Chicago Pizzas!!!

and a lot of fun with MVPs peeps!

Cocktail time on the beach

more talks and networking

lot of laughs with Britain Connection

an Amazing view

and wizard talk under the sunset

Summit Day 2

Learning and sharing about Salesforce future​

Parker Harris is talking with us....

Time to play lightning game! great way to choose the next great features...

And then Parker Harris is sitting back and listening to MVPs about the future....

and at the end of the day, it's time for the great MVP summit picture!

MVP party!

great rooftop location on NavyPier

networking, game, and more discussion

and time for a last #baldforce MVP summit

Day3 : MVP Summit fun time!

Chicago Cubs GAME with other MVP peeps

choosing a chicago cap....

great place in the stadium with great friends

Time for something to eat

And this happened..... thanks to Salesforce for this Welcome :D

time to find a Uber for a drive back

Dinner for the last day with Community PM

and great MVPs....

Now it's time to think of the next STEP : Midwest Dreamin 2016, check our blog for the pics soon!

Pictures taken with iPhone and Narrative Clip

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