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Salesforce World Tour Paris in pictures

Get the best of #SalesforceTour Paris 2016 ( the 3rd biggest Salesforce event after Dreamforce and SFWT London ) in pictures

Salesforce World Tour Paris was just so inspiring, so huge and so amazing! This year with more than 10 000 registrants, it has shown than Salesforce is taking a bigger dimension in France and Europe.

After Amsterdam, Casablanca, Washington, Toronto, London... now it's Paris time for #SharinPixTour

So let's go through this journey in the Salesforce ecosystem, the Salesforce customer, the Salesforce passion!

Keynote time!

Already twitting enough to get busted on the BIG screens while waiting for the Keynote to start

Selfie time for this great lineup of Leaders and MVPs at first row for the Keynote... packed together and united !

Rocking the stage....

Olivier Derrien on stage as a rock star, warming everyone for THE SHOES!

Great view from the first row at The Shoes, rocking the stage of the Salesforce World Tour like never!

Time to periscope this to share with followers in other places!

Playback still available on periscope, just click here to get it!

Thank you to the Community!

Then it's time for the THANK YOU from Alex Dayon to the community. But in France, for the very first time, it's not just about the MVP but also to the User Group Leaders (Dev, WIT, User, ...) to be recognized!

A data center in France! Cocorico!

Parker Harris himeself made the travel to launch the Salesforce Data center in France... and in FRENCH! 

La durée made a great huge Cloud with Macarons and offers to every one a taste of this!

Thanks to Anais for those little extra.... 

AirRefund feedback on SharinPix

On one of the theaters around, AirRefund made a great feedback on Salesforce, Heroku and..... SharinPix of course! 

Image album integrated into the Ligthning layout of the Claims

Croping, rotating, taging directly in Salesforce then filling dynamic shown fields depending on tag made AirRefund optimise the time spend on each claim....

Thanks Thomas Benita, also a great member of the #Baldforce team!!!

Trailhead Zone

Very crowdy place, everybody was trying to get an Astro.... found a great French MVP helping there!

And a bear which is assuming to be a #AwesomeDEV!

Great sessions on the Trailhead Theater about Lightning Design System

and about Wave with Gnana

Of course many other gorgeous people presenting there.... including the 3 french MVPs! Myself, but also the 2 dev champ twins: Mohamed and Fabien.

4:30 it's now time for a quick introduction to Heroku

Explaining what's behind the Sharinpix AppExchange, going deep in our Architecture

in front of a great crowd of very interested people, including many friends coming to support me :D (thank you guys)

French Touch Dreamin announcement

And also a great time to make a Shoutout to French Touch Dreamin! You can register for this coming event now here to get the early bird price! (hurry up, soon we gonna be out of early bird)

French Touch Dreamin was also promoted at the User Groups Booth hosted by all the User Group Leaders from Nice, Lyon, Paris and even friends from Switzerland and UK!

Great fun with #RealHashtags

On SharinPix booth it was a real fun to take selfies with people enjoying our real #hashtags.... which one would you like to get?

If you don't find you in those pictures, you can try to find yourself in SharinPix album included to our demo bu following this link.

But this can't end without an ULTIMATE french #BaldForce picture.... with many old and good friends from the Salesforce Ecosystem!

Thanks for all, see you soon world tour!

But before leaving, took some peeps with me on top of Paris ( thanks to LePerchoir for the warm welcome) with an AMAZING view on Paris....

Now it's time to think of the next STEP : Nice for the FRENCH RIVIERA User Group meeting on 28th june

Pictures taken with iPhone and Narrative Clip

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