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Salesforce World Tour LONDON in Pictures

Get the best of #SalesforceTour London ( the biggest Salesforce event after Dreamforce ) and Partner Forum London in pictures

London was just the center of Salesforce WORLD during tow days.... Not only the Salesforce World Tour London was the largest annual event outside of Dreamforce, with 15,000 registered attendee, but the day before the Partner Forum London was also amazing!

After Amsterdam, Casablanca, Washington, Toronto... now it's LONDON time for #SharinPixTour

So let's go through this journey in the Salesforce ecosystem, the Salesforce customer, the Salesforce passion!

Salesforce World Tour London 2016

Security is key and it was feeling like an implementation of shield + a double factor login to access to this great event.... 

Keynote time with #AwesomePeople

Zachary Jeans just came back from India and Shivanath was there too! Of course all the UK MVPs was there too...

A good time to congratulates Lousie Lockie for her #AwsomeAdmin award

First row with incredible people there too....

And MVPs friends + Zachary Jeans on the other front row side!

Always a pleasure to have Polly Summer giving a Shoutout to MVPs!

Back to the EXPO!

Time for a coffee or a tea!

And then you notice you are in london as everybody add a cloud of milk on top of this...

Incredible catch with the User Group Geneva leaders

This tweet was so famous that he was displayed on the Social Command Center Feed Wall!

Always having fun with Trailhead peeps....

even Sassy want to hug the bear!

Incredible talks on the Dev Theatre, including this one with Simon Goodyear about Apex Triggers

Huge Macbook, iPhone, Apple Watch and Ipad for the lighting demos....

A selfie  with Darth Vador was a must!

Phil Walton and Co have bring the fun to the World Tour with those Starwars shooting... 

Time for an incredible #Baldforce picture... with Vador himself!

Ok... never fight the dark side....

even if you are Phil Walton!!!!

Thanks to Phil Walton and Co for this great shooting, don't miss you HD picture to be downloaded here :

Time to party!

Apttus party with green cocktail.... 

Great to meet Astrid Van Dorst, it was a great time to make an interview for her blog about the importance of image in the business and especially for Marketing Cloud....

Time to head to the second party for the 10 years for BrightGen! #BrightTen

Zachary stopped drinking beers to write down few lines.... 

Ok, it was time to head to the Fox bar for a last drink....

Salesforce World Tour London was over, CHEERS!!!!!

the night before : MVPs and Speakers Diner!

Talking with Simon about French Touch Dreamin from London's Calling experienced guy perspective

Eating great snacks with Francis and Pauline

And Pizzas!!!!

Talk time, when William was introducing the 2 new evangelists for Europe

and inviting everyone here to get involved for French Touch Dreamin the next European Community event (Paris 17th November 2016)

The day before World Tour : PARTNER FORUM

Very first #Baldforce picture of those 2 days tweeted from there.... blue is the new black!

Meeting again great friends such as Ben

And drinking a coffee with Phil....

A great agenda for partners...

An introduction on the Salesforce ECONOMY

Great numbers about Salesforce....

And a panel to answer to most questions from ISV and SI

Great talk about innovation by Peter Coffee

And time to eat with MVPs friends....

Including Paul and Keith

and Shivanath

Another BALDFORCE picture for the road with Denis HURE!

And a great afternoon between ISVs with great announcement

Ok see you tomorrow guys!

BONUS TIME.... get ready for #SFLP

soon, a new video with Ben....




And Phil!

Thanks for those incredible days in LONDON, the #SharinPixTour next stop will be in GENEVA!

Pictures taken with iPhone and Narrative Clip

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