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#MWD18 2018 in #GIF

Another SharinPix #GFLOG (blog made with GIF)

The day before in Chicago...

Arriving in Chicago, you can't miss eating a deepish pizza and take a picture of the famous bean!

Midwest Dreamin' day 1

What a photo call background picture... then you know you are in Chicago...

For more pictures fun you can also join us at our booth

Like some #TXD18 friends

And great speakers that you can also see at coming Forcelandia!

Cocktail time to end this first short day....

And time for a walk for some shoot of iconic Chicago places 

Midwest Dreamin' Day 2....

Day of Demo Jam, hosted one more time by Joshua

and for great pictures including a #baldforce one

as well as a very rare picture "Peter Drinking Coffee"...

Meeting the youngest speaker I've ever met in a Community Conference

At night we were really happy to sponsor the Pepup Tech party!

Great dancing time with the community

And then time for another great Pizza with amazing friends!

Midwest Dreamin' Day 3

"was the speak of the youngest speaker, great yesterday?"

Time for customer to take pictures of our booth to remember us (we love that!)

and amazing time with #Equality friends at our booth...

Already ending time, with Phil Komarny at closing keynote speaker

Time for the draw to win our MiniBox

and a great smiling selfie with everybody smiling

And we got the date for MIDWEST DREAMIN' 2019 and the NEW LOGO!

Time to say good bye!

and to spend time in Chicago to take few more great pictures before leaving...

and flying back on BASTILLE DAY!

For those who are curious about how those images has been shooted, most of those provide from a Google Clip. Next time you see our CEO around, stop him and ask him about it!

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