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Struck by Lightning at DF18!

Approved as Powered by Lightning & selected in the 6 most innovative ISVs

DF17 was already a great one!

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After a great Dreamforce 2017 as Demo Jam winner, we are happy to see that even before starting Dreamforce 2018 is already announced as #Amazing for SharinPix! 

SharinPix in the 25 Apps to be labelled "Powered by Lightning" in the AppExchange

Our technical team is spending a lot of time to make SharinPix available in the best way for Lightning Experience. Not only we were very proud to be one of the first Apps to be Lightning Ready 2 years ago, but we are really proud of this "Powered by Lightning" selection!

We have done our best to use Lightning Data Service, Lightning Events, Lightning toast, making our Components compatible to be included in other Lightning Component, offering support for the Lightning Rich Publisher and so much more. So we received this brand new AppExchange label selection as an award for all this hard work!

The criteria used by the AppExchange team for this new label are the following:  "the Powered by lighting AppExchange App are the ones delivering the highest standard of user experience to Salesforce users". 

And this is exactly what we try daily to make by adding new features and more optimized integration of SharinPix into the Lightning platform.

Don't miss the announcement of this new label at Dreamforce and check the AppExchange which will have this new filter added to list Apps with the best User Experience, including SharinPix!

SharinPix running for the Best Lightning App in a Pitch Contest on stage at DF18!

Not only we have this new Powered by Lightning label, but we have also been selected as one of the TOP 6 innovative ISV to participate to the Lightning Ready App Pitch Contest.

This contest organized by the Lightning Team will take place at the Rapid Fire falls on Wednesday at 10:30am. The jury will choose the Best Lightning App after a Rapid Fire demo which will be as fun as a Demo Jam!

We have prepared a great demo - so don't miss it, you will love it!

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Stop by at our booth #1726 and get back home with some cool swag!

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