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Powering Your Social Media with SharinPix

A SharinPix Success Story Featuring African Investments Ltd.

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African Investments Limited has been a SharinPix customer for more than 2 years, using SharinPix functionalities to grow their network of investors and business opportunities across Africa by showcasing the opportunities visually via social media platforms.

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African Investments Limited is a Jersey-based organization founded by Rupert McCammon, who has been involved in promoting inward investment in Africa since the 1990s when he ran the Botswana stock exchange when it was the best-performing stock market in the world.

Since that work in Botswana, Rupert created African Investments and Africa Events Limited to increase investment interest in Africa as a whole, all 54 countries included. They are known for being the creators of the biggest investment event in Africa, which is supported by many G8 governments and supporters from across Africa’s investment infrastructure.

This event has helped them consolidate a network of investors and investees across Africa of 170,000 people.

African Investments Limited has since expanded from pure investment activities into promoting trade and business opportunities in Africa, where they can potentially match business partners across countries to help small businesses grow and expand into new territories.

African Investment Ltd and Salesforce

These business relationships, be they pure investments or partnerships, are started in one of two ways, either through the annual Africa Events Limited flagship event or via one of two online platforms that were created to track and share opportunities with potential investors and partners.

Using Salesforce, they created two digital platforms designed to promote and match business trade and investment in and across Africa. The first platform focuses on investment and the other focuses more on business and trade and smaller investments.

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Those two African Investments Limited digital platforms have been recognized at the highest level by winning the global 2022 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for Financial Services. Each of those two platforms runs independently, but the Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard has been scaling up quickly because of the amount and variety of businesses growing across Africa.

African Investment Ltd’s Challenge:

With network-based platforms such as the Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard, growth is the most important measure of success. African Investment Limited needed to increase the adoption and awareness of its network and corresponding events and subsequent investments.

Rupert had the idea of having each and every potential business investment share their status as a member of the network with their own business social media accounts.

The SharinPix Solution:

SharinPix helps African Investments Ltd achieve its growth goals via social media by automating the creation of custom JPEG images (like the one pictured below) for each business that registers through its dashboard. The image includes key information from the business opportunity or investor such as a name and description presented in a visual, sharable way.

Now, when a business registers with African Investments Ltd, they receive a welcome image that they can use to post on their own social media platforms. African Investments also posts these images on their social media platforms to help promote each new joiner.

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With these images, new members feel immediately recognized and their opportunity is placed directly in front of the network of potential partners, ultimately helping grow the community membership. It’s a win-win.

These images are created using a feature called SharinPix Transformation within a flow. Starting with a template image (pictured below), the SharinPix Transformation uses record information combined with a simple text description that the admin provides to place the correct text onto the template in the desired location, with the corresponding color, size, font, etc.

Here’s an example of the potential results based on a template:

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The Results

Since they’ve adopted their social media sharing program powered by SharinPix, African Investments LTD’s organic daily LinkedIn impressions on corporate LinkedIn page have increased from around 530 per day to 18,800 per day, an outstanding increase of 3400 %.

According to Founder and Managing Director, Rupert McCammon, “This is a process we started a couple of years ago with SharinPix, since then, we’ve found the support at SharinPix really exceptional. They are very helpful to our needs, they listened to what we wanted and provided us with the time needed in order to develop our product.”

Ready to Unlock Image Functionality on Salesforce?

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