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What Does It Mean to Be a SharinPix Partner?

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The SharinPix Partner Program exists to give you the tools you need to solve the visual challenges your clients are facing in Salesforce. When you become an official SharinPix Partner, you gain access to resources to help you win clients, make your implementations easier, and support them in their usage post-implementation.

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Not only will your clients thank you for how easy the SharinPix implementation will go with you as a part of our Partner Program, you’ll also be privy to direct benefits such as monetary incentives and client referrals.

Monetary Benefits

We believe in sharing in the success of happy SharinPix customers, that’s why we want to share monetary success with our partners as well.

SharinPix offers qualifying partners a 10% return for contract referrals when the combined contract total exceeds $20K or more in a single calendar year

Once you sign the SharinPix Partner Agreement*, having provided your business address info and other tax (VAT) information (for non-US partners), you will be eligible to receive your 10% return on contracts you deliver to SharinPix.

* The Partner Agreement is currently being reviewed and finalized. Partners who have completed Sign-Up will be notified when it becomes available.

Client Referrals

There’s something even better available for SharinPix Partners who deliver successful consecutive implementations of our apps. We sometimes encounter clients who need SI support in getting started with Salesforce, with using SharinPix for image management as their ultimate goal.

Once you complete three successful SharinPix implementations, we will recommend your services to customers who have this need. So not only will you be making a percentage of your sales, but you’ll get brand new opportunities as well.

At this point, your logo will be featured on our website and all referrals will be based on industry, technology, and region, ideally setting you up with clients in your area of expertise.

How Does SharinPix Help You?

SharinPix is there to support you every step of the way, from first contact with a potential client, all the way to the support they might need after their SharinPix-empowered Salesforce is up and running.


Weekly Office Hours - Every Thursday from 3:00 - 5:00 pm EST, we will be available on Zoom to answer any SharinPix questions in an open forum format. This is a great opportunity to have direct access to the SharinPix Visual Experts and get past any roadblocks you or your client might be experiencing.

Sales Support - When you have a client who is on the fence about moving forward with your services with SharinPix in the balance, our sales team is available to join you on calls to help close the deal.

Learn SharinPix Trialforce Org (Launching soon!) - As a SharinPix Partner, you’ll have access to the SharinPix Learning Org, which is filled with our knowledge base transformed into an interactive, fully functional Salesforce instance preconfigured with common SharinPix use-case examples. Use this to explore all the new image, PDF, and form features you can pass along to your clients.

Other Opportunities

The SharinPix team is happy to help you win new leads and will work with you on your marketing strategy. Co-branded, end-to-end image-powered Salesforce messaging can be a very convincing selling point for many industries. As a SharinPix Partner, we’ll work with you on co-marketing campaigns filled with the benefits of both our services and products.

How Do I Join the SharinPix Partner Program?

If you’re looking to help your clients unlock visual possibilities on Salesforce, no doubt the SharinPix Partner Program is for you. Join the Program by emailing our Partner Advocate, Amanda Byrne, who will introduce you to the program and work with you to address your current SharinPix needs.

You can reach Amanda by email at by following this link:

How Can I Learn More?

We have a detailed Partner Program Guide located online. Please give that a read-through if you’d like to learn more.

Amanda Byrne, SharinPix Partner Advocate