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Keter-Waste Harmonics' Photo-powered Site Visits with SharinPix

Keter-Waste Harmonics, the partner company resulting from the recent merger of Keter Environmental and Waste Harmonics, has been a SharinPix customer for nearly two years, starting with Keter using SharinPix to track their customer site visits in Salesforce and using SharinPix to upload images from the field.

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Keter-Waste Harmonics has managed to save hundreds of man-hours on photo upload by using a ScreenFlow incorporating SharinPix image capture and upload features. In this article, we’ll dive into their needs and how they became more efficient by adding SharinPix to their Salesforce implementation.

Who is Keter-Waste Harmonics?

Keter-Waste Harmonics is a waste management consulting firm based out of both Indianapolis, Indiana, and Victor, New York. They serve a variety of customers from manufacturing facilities to commercial malls, where they will analyze current waste machinery and pick-up frequency and execute plans to optimize it.

Globally, Keter-Waste Harmonics operates four different functions for its customers:

  1. Optimization of the waste collection program by adding or removing equipment and adjusting the waste removal frequency to the optimum levels
  2. Coordination for waste removal regardless of waste type
  3. Installation of monitors to automate the process so that waste is always removed at the ideal time
  4. Taking opportunities to divert waste away from landfills and increase the overall recycling percentage

Overall, Keter-Waste Harmonics saves clients money by making their program more efficient and preventing waste from going to a landfill. They go a step further by doing quarterly follow-ups to reassess waste usage and making necessary adjustments to machinery and frequency to further the optimization.

The Keter-Waste Harmonics Challenge:

For the first contact with each of their customers, Keter-Waste Harmonics sends out a field inspector to conduct an initial site survey. This site survey has two goals:

  1. What does the customer currently have on-site? This involves finding out their types of equipment, frequency of waste pick-up, and waste type for each.
  2. What should they do? How could they improve by either removing inefficiencies, changing the mix of machinery, or adjusting the frequency of waste pickup.

During the site survey, the field agent needs to take pictures of all equipment. Their classic method of doing this was for the person in the field to use their smartphone to snap the photos before returning to the office, downloading the photos to their desktop, relabeling them, and finally reuploading them to the appropriate location.

On top of that process taking up precious time, the person conducting the site survey is often in a discussion with the customer as they tour the facility, collecting information and snapping photos of the machinery. They needed to find a solution to reduce friction and save time in this process, freeing up the focus of the field agent and making the image upload and storage more efficient overall.

The SharinPix Solution:

Now, using a screen flow powered by SharinPix image upload components, the field workers at Keter-Waste Harmonics can record all field data and take pictures seamlessly. Designed to be used on tablets and also working on mobile devices, here is a few images of their screen flow:

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In the screen flow, they enter information about the equipment currently in use at the client site, including equipment name, equipment type, machine condition, manufacturer, waste content type, and scheduled pick-up frequency. Entering the required information on this first screen creates the equipment record.

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From there, the technician is prompted to take photos of the equipment directly from their mobile device using the SharinPix mobile app, which connects seamlessly to the Salesforce mobile app. The resulting pictures are automatically uploaded to Salesforce and associated with the equipment record and all corresponding tags.

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With photos from each site survey being easily uploaded into Salesforce, the office staff can utilize them in multiple views within Salesforce. For example, within the account that they are working to optimize, they can take a look at their existing machinery area by area:

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If there’s a single machine they need to have a closer look at, the tagged photos are also accessible in an equipment-level view:

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The Results

Since adopting SharinPix for their site visits, Keter-Waste Harmonics has achieved massive time savings for the boots-on-the-ground inspectors. Matthew Greasle, Salesforce Project Manager and Lead at Keter, estimates that they’ve completed around 500 site surveys since the implementation of their SharinPix-powered screen flow.

Their field personnel were spending about two hours per job before that implementation on downloading, renaming, and uploading images. Now that process is automatic, they have saved over a thousand man-hours in total.

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A final added benefit of their SharinPix usage is saving on storage with the unlimited image storage they get with their SharinPix licenses.

Save Time and Improve Efficiencies like Keter Environmental

Want to learn more about how SharinPix might be able to help your business with professional image management in Salesforce like they help Keter-Waste Harmonics?

Please learn more about our offerings on the Salesforce AppExchange, where you’ll be able to demo our products and chat with a photo expert:

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