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What's New at SharinPix So Far in 2024?

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The SharinPix team would like to keep our users up to date with information on our newest features and bug fixes as we continue to optimize your experience with your visual use case in Salesforce.

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This article will discuss new features and key bug fixes that were implemented during Q1 of 2024. As usual, don’t hesitate to contact the SharinPix team if you have any questions about existing or prospective features.

Please note that the features mentioned in this article were created and enabled with the SharinPix versions listed below. These will be the minimum versions to be able to access any Q1 2024 feature.

  • SharinPix Mobile App: Version 2.5.88424
  • SharinPix on Salesforce App Exchange: Version 1.300

New SharinPix Features for Q1 2024

The first four months of 2024 have brought many new features to the SharinPix world. Let’s look at several of the key areas where we launched the most new features.

SharinPix Mobile App

The SharinPix Mobile App, which works seamlessly alongside the Salesforce mobile app and the Field Service mobile app, is a continued area of focus for us, as it allows users to capture, manipulate, and upload images directly to Salesforce.

Checklist with Form Features

Brand new to the SharinPix Mobile App is a new functionality called Visual Checklist, where users can follow a checklist of photos that need to be taken, snapping and annotating if necessary. As part of this experience, they can now also send feedback per category to Salesforce (such as OK or KO when reviewing different sides of a rental car return).

Template Image

Within the SharinPix Mobile App, users can draw sketches on top of predefined image templates. Once the template is in place, the user can add annotations directly onto it while still in the SharinPix Mobile App. Every annotation made on the template can also have a corresponding text note.

This feature will be valuable to users working in property management, insurance claims adjustments, interior design, maintenance, and more.

Document Scanning

Users of the SharinPix Mobile App who scan documents can now assign tags at the moment of scanning, saving time on sorting and organizing later.

Exporting Media to Device Storage

For most users, the SharinPix Mobile App doesn’t save images captured to the device’s local storage - it only uploads directly to Salesforce. This is designed to prevent duplicate storage on devices (such as hundreds of photos taken during a property inspection) and to limit the security risk of business information being stored on a personal device used in the workplace.

Some industries, however, need to save single photos or even all of their photos taken on the SharinPix Mobile App to their device. This is now possible by exporting media to internal storage.

SharinPix Core Features

Beyond the feature enhancements to our mobile application, we also launched new features in our core/desktop area during Q1.

SharinPix Sketch

In organizations that have Field Service set up, you can access the new component SharinPix Sketch. This feature allows you to have a quick action component within a work order (or other record) consisting of a blank template (such as a floor plan) that you can make sketches and annotations on top of.

SharinPix Sketch Plan

On top of the sketch functionality found in SharinPix Sketch, there is another new feature called SharinPix Sketch Plan, which allows users to mark a spot on a template and add text comments.

SharinPix Sketch and SharinPix Sketch Plan both work on desktop, the Field Service Mobile app, and SharinPix Mobile App. It even works offline in the Field Service Mobile App.

SharinPix Album

Even though the SharinPix Album is a classic SharinPix feature, we are still looking to improve it whenever possible. For example, in Q1, we’ve added a new supported format - .dng, and have made it possible to set a maximum number of images that can be uploaded to a single album.

Live Update

Regarding the SharinPix Album, we also launched a new feature (though in Q2) called Live Update. Live Update makes it so that any changes you make to the images within an album are reflected live anywhere that image exists in other albums. For example, if we delete an image from and album in one record, that same image will disappear from the album view that exists in another record.

The same is true for uploading images or making annotations on the images within an album. When you annotate an image, the annotation will be shown on the thumbnail in the album view as well as on the image itself.

For an exhaustive list of all the new features the SharinPix team has added during Q1 2024, please see our official release notes:

What Bugs Were Fixed in Q1 2024?

Outside of new features, we also ensure you that we’re looking after existing features, upgrading them as necessary, and fixing any potential bugs that may arise.

SharinPix Mobile App

On the SharinPix Mobile App, we’ve fixed a bug where prefilled values that were disappearing after capturing a photo from a photofield within a PDF form. The same feature had actual photos disappearing from time to time after closing and reopening the PDF. This has all been resolved.

Other Bug Fixes

In the SharinPix Album component, while looking at an image in annotation mode, double tapping was zooming when it shouldn’t have been. SharinPix Copy to Clipboard also had a problem where the last image selected was not displaying after performing a copy/paste. These bugs have also been resolved.

What’s coming in the rest of 2024?

The SharinPix team is constantly developing new features to help you with your visual use cases inside your Salesforce org. To stay up to date on new features, follow our LinkedIn and X pages.

Need Help with Images or PDFs in Salesforce?

We are here to help! To learn more about the catalog of SharinPix features and the hundreds of visual use cases in Salesforce we’ve helped to unblock, please check out our AppExchange listing.

On the AppExchange, you’ll find detailed information and videos about SharinPix and the opportunity to start a FREE 14-day trial. We’re also available via chat on the bottom right-hand corner of the page if you have any questions