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#SalesforceTour London 18 in #GIF

Another SharinPix #GFLOG (blog made with GIF)

Starting #SalesforcePF the day before

meeting great friends first... 

Then listening to Salesforce speakers

and time for the first #Baldforce picture of this London Trip

Then time to Start #SalesforceTour

Always start with a good mascotte selfies

then a talk with other great Community leaders

quick discussion around dreamin' events 

and it's already time to wait to enter for the keynote

enjoying some pre-Keynote music

MVP hugs and fun time front row

and once again have a nice shout out to MVPs during the Keynote

and a great golden hoodie

spending some time with local partners happy to see us

eating local food

and it's already Demo Jam time... first take care of the trophy

making the crowd learn from the demo with Jodi

and congrats to the winners OwnBackup

time to take a last picture with all the other dreamin event leaders

meeting a real tall guy at Galacticos booth

the day was really really hot! but it's mostly over already

time to go for a drink with some MVP fellows

And it's now over... thanks a goodbye

Next #SalesforceTour stop? PARIS our Hometown!

For those who are curious about how those images has been shooted, most of those provide from a Google Clip. Next time you see our CEO around, stop him and ask him about it!

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