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#VivaTech 2018 - #Equality Lounge in GIF

Another SharinPix #GFLOG (blog made with GIF)

Visiting Vivatech

Taking the Viva seflie

startup sgnl :

a smart wristband which permits to make calls by vibration wifi a finger on your ear

omni directionnel speakers - incredible experience

an overview of transport of the futur : A flying Taxi with Audi and Airbus

and the famous SeaBubble - the River's Uber

Meeting with robots

The #Equality Lounge

having inspiring discussion with Alex Dayon, O’Mara and James Loduca

day1 at lounge taking a lot or pictures front row

Taking an #Equality badge selfie shoulder

great discussion with the #equality office team

Day2 at lounge signe Great #equality panel #pano

having great fun with the team before leaving... a bite or french dessert?

Next step? Lear how to become a become Ally :

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