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#SalesforceTour Paris 2018 in #GIF

Another SharinPix #GFLOG (blog made with GIF)

Welcome to #SalesforceTour Paris

Another great Lego Connected Town

Keynote Time!

Meeting with the future golden hoodie

and discussion with French marketing director

Finding our first row reserved seats

Meeting with the youngest french Ranger - Germain 14 yo

Quick discussion with étincelles programme students met during my community introduction talk earlier

Discussion with the former France UG leader

And with the EMEA VP marketing

The Pirouettes singing on stage as a warming up

Parker Harris talk on stage all in french!

And Time for golden hoodie reward

And to take a selfie with Parker and other MVPs

Let’s back to Community booth

Discussion with Downunder dreamin event

and great UG leaders

Picture with other Light Force Project sponsors

at zone

Talk about DX with Fabien Taillon

And Time for my talk about Lightning productivity

With my co-speaker Olivier Milley

And getting some applause

Before answering questions

Cocktail Time with some user group members

And a last walk in the expo

Funny reaction to the camera

Bye bye until next year

For those who are curious about how those images has been shooted, most of those provide from a Google Clip. Next time you see our CEO around, stop him and ask him about it!

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