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    Everybody loves working with images, but dislikes lost time and confusing complexity.

    SharinPix makes it possible to create and configure your own optimized use of images in all your business processes, without code!



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  • Our Vision


    Empower your users with advanced image management features.


    Leverage Salesforce capabilities with integrated images usage.


    Automate business process from image content using image recognition.


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    It’s a whole new world of images!

    The smartphone has revolutionized our use of images. Once, we carefully limited the photos we took, but now we take pictures every day for a wide variety of reasons:

    • To share on social media with family and friends
    • To prove or explain something
    • To save time on note-taking
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    Now, use images to take your business into that new world!

    All your users know how to take images with the smartphone. With SharinPix, you can bring that photography right into your business process.

    • Gather pictures from the field using smartphones or tablets.
    • Let your customer send pictures to explain a problem or to create a lead. 
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    A business-oriented image toolbox to empower YOUR Salesforce with YOUR pictures

    SharinPix goes beyond managing albums and photos efficiently and easily; it offers automation and content recognition as well.

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    On the AppExchange, our customers are our best promoters!

    Our partners and customers tell it like it is—the quality and usability of our app, the ease of use and our excellent support of our product.


    Check out the reviews of SharinPix on the AppExchange:

    SharinPix Reviews on the AppExchange

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    State of the art features for images from our Album component

    Our Album Component, the natural way to share pictures, is now available in Salesforce,

    Salesforce’s Mobile App and on the Field Service Lightning app.


    Upload, display, edit and annotate pictures directly from the record page.

    Our optimized image delivery makes your pictures visible faster,

    and only downloads the full resolution when necessary.


    Advanced components allow to upload, manage and use images as part of your Salesforce process.

  • A business-oriented image toolbox to empower

    YOUR Salesforce with YOUR pictures

    Because we are the right experts

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    We are Image Experts

    new image features

    added every month


    SharinPix offers the best Image Management features.


    SharinPix supports all image formats, including: JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, HEIF, ProRAW, BMP, ICO, PDF, EPS, PSD, AI, SVG and many others


    Image editing and annotation directly from the app


    Automatic image resize and sync with Salesforce—your photos are stored outside of Salesforce to optimize display, integrate with different document types, and to make sharing via links a breeze.


    Unlimited photo storage for your pictures.


    Tag and search capability for fast organization and the ability to find any photo in just a few clicks.

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    We are Salesforce Experts

    new Salesforce integration

    at each Salesforce release


    SharinPix integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, so you can use our features directly from the record detail page and page layouts.


    SharinPix works with both Classic and Lightning Experience interfaces.


    Gather pictures from the field using Salesforce’s mobile app (including Salesforce mobile App and Field Service Lightining App). And it works even offline thanks to SharinPix native offline mobile app (iOS & Android). 


    Edit, annotate and tag images right from your smartphone.


    Insert images in documents, either created by Salesforce or by a documentation generation tool.


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    We are AI Experts

    new Image Recognition capabilities delivered very frequently


    Classify images in a few clicks. Automate time consuming task such as Shelf Display discovery.


    To do so, Salesforce offers Einstein Vision and Einstein Object Detection. But it requires code to integrate.


    With SharinPix, create your own Einstein AI models, without writing code.


    What is your Image Recognition goal? SharinPix can help you reach that goal. We can coach you as you make the journey to success.


    If you’d like us to do the labeling, we can provide that service for an incredible price.




  • Take a quick tour of SharinPix features

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  • A little something extra... 

    Components, Workflows and API

    SharinPix is not just an app but a business-oriented toolbox offering a unique way to capitalize on the use of images like never before.

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    Coming as a Lightning Components, Visualforce pages, Canvas Apps or even an HTML5 components, SharinPix fits in almost anywhere!


    You can drag and drop SharinPix on any Salesforce record page and start working immediately—from your desktop or from your phone or tablet. The app works well for Salesforce Community Users and can be a part of your own branded mobile app. Thos components can be used also in your flow screens to offer infinite image capabilities.

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    Automatically update fields in Salesforce when you add, update or delete pictures.


    Get resized version of those images as URLs in Salesforce to make them available for your documents, your views, your reports, your email templates...


    Without any code, you can now empower your Salesforce with images data!

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    SharinPix provides secure API endpoints so you are able to run your own custom code and perform image-based actions that add value to your business.


    Our API architecture will allow you to enhance the technical side of image processing that our partners are offering with point-and-click actions and more programmable actions.

  • Pricing & Plans

    Get your 14-Day Free Trial from the AppExchange Now!

    Check detailed pricing here

    ask for non-profit discount and other options such as external/community usage

    minimal order is 10 users for Enterprise Plan / 10 users for Pro Plan / 20 users for Lite Plan

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    Lite Plan 



    View / Upload / Edit

    $5$/user ( 4€ )

    per month

    (minimum 20 users)

    • Unlimited Storage
    • Album Component
    • Single Image Component
    • Basic Image format
    • Basic Annotation


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    Pro Plan

    *required for Field Service mobile


    Interact / Automate

    $12/user ( 10€ )

    per month

    (minimum 10 users)

    Everything in LIte, plus:


    Mobile Offline Experience

    (Required for Salesforce Field Service mobile App)



    • Offline experience with LWC
    • Interaction Components
    • Extended Image Format
    • Advanced Annotation
    • Download as Zip
    • Tag and Search
    • External Share
    • Image as Salesforce Fields
    • Image as Salesforce Record
    • Watermark
    • Advanced Uploader
    • Generate PDF


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    Enterprise Plan




    $18/user (15€)

    per month

    (minimum 10 users)

    Everything in Pro, plus:


    Field Maps and forms

    Working with PDF files



    • Areal view with screen shot, annotations and area calculation (from integrated Google Map)
    • Interactive Floor Plan with checkpoints and Annotations (from PDF plan)
    • Mobile Scanner (snap to PDF)
    • Spilt, Merge and edit PDF files
    • Offline Forms (using PDF Form) to Sign, Fill and take pictures from

    • Office Document viewer
    • Smart Annotations for the field


  • About Us

    Salesforce experts and passionate people


    Our team have several years of Salesforce use, implementation and rich ISV background.

    Together, we created SharinPix in order to offer the Salesforce world the opportunity to use pictures in the best way!

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    François Clerc



    François has 30+ years in Information Systems Management and IT organizations set-up and management.


    He held C-level positions in major Real estate companies where he helped with providing Business Solutions and run large IT departments. Through supporting the businesses of many companies, he also acquired strong knowledges of sales management, as well as finance, HR, and procurement.


    Previously was also the CTO and managing Director of a software provider company in the real estate industry, where he successfully launched one of the first Internet based Real estate software in France.


    With a large technical and managerial experience, Francois has been a recognized Team leader and manager for over 20 years.

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    Jean-Michel Mougeolle



    Recognized as a key actor of the Salesforce community, Jean-Michel is the very first french Salesforce MVP and the French User Group President since 2012 as well.


    Former leader in Business Objects core team, Jean-Michel has a solid startup and developer background.


    He chose to challenge himself as a CIO of pure player french companies in late 2007 and discovered the power of Salesforce at this position.


    He has implemented tricky Salesforce solutions with different companies bringing the information system to rely mostly on Salesforce Clouds and technologies.


    His startup background brought him to act as a board advisory for several companies on the last years.

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    Luc Boissaye



    Luc is passionate about how to craft amazing software from lean development,

    team organisation,

    optimisation testing and security.


    He started working as a developer at 16.


    Then did French Prépa to study at ENSIMAG (France best school in computer science and mathematics)

    and NUS in Singapore.


    He then worked in Paris start up ecosystem.


    He created and sold Evlaa a services for photographers.


    In very early days of SharinPix he met Jean-Michel and wrote the line of code of SharinPix.

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    We joined the Pledge1% movement

    Pledge 1% is a corporate philanthropy movement dedicated to making the community a key stakeholder in every business.

    Pledge 1% encourages and challenges
    individuals and companies to pledge 1% of equity, product, and employee time for their communities.

    As co-founders of SharinPix, we chose immediately to integrate The Pledge in our operations. We believe in the values the 1% Movement embodies and in the work that we can do together.


    Partnership, solidarity and sharing are part of our core values, and this is why we chose to take part in the Pledge 1% adventure.


    To learn more or to participate :)


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  • Use Cases

    Learn from some of our customer's implementations

    Retail Execution

    Shop Visit - Pictures As Proof


    A California beverage vendor requires his Sales reps to use the Salesforce Mobile App to gather information from the stores where his beverages are sold.

    The reps take pictures to illustrate best practices, to note competitors and to highlight shelf display. These photos are uploaded directly into a custom object called Visit.

    Thanks to SharinPix and Einstein Object Detection, the shelf display images are analyzed to extract insights automatically. For example, a chart showing the product’s share of shelf, compared to competitors, or out-of-stock detection.

    The tagged pictures are submitted for validation to a manager who can review them in minutes with Salesforce ListViews.

    The client uses an integration with MapAnything to get a quick overview in pictures of Points of Sales directly from the map.

    Managers can now follow the field actions with just a few clicks. Field reps avoid long evenings at the hotel in the evening doing file renames on centralized cloud storage. That makes them happy to upload the photos directly from the field.



    Field Service

    Visit reports with annotated images


    Using the Field Service Lightning Mobile App, technicians take photos of a roof to be repaired.

    Right on their smartphones, they can annotate the photos.

    They can also do the photo shoot offline, thanks to SharinPix offiline Mobile App.

    Once synchronized with Salesforce, the images can be automatically resized and inserted in a general report as a PDF.


    When needed, images can also be plotted in a Google Map or a PDF Plan into Check Points with personalised fields.

    Taking photos of the work to be done, technicians can now focus more time on the repair tasks, and get the work done more quickly.




    Automate the image transformation on your website


    A truck vendor uploads pictures of used vehicles in the Truck custom object in Salesforce using the Salesforce Mobile App.

    The user reorders the photos and tags the one he wants as a cover photo.

    SharinPix Image Sync creates different versions of the photos as different URLs, giving them different sizes and shapes corresponding to website requirements.

    In a click, the images are automatically loaded into the website without needing any other imaging software.



    Design Submission

    Community Users to submits Design to be validated


    Licensing partners of a large Media group apply with specific design to be validated for franchise use.

    Using Salesforce Community, they can submit multiple images and visual files to be validated.

    Internally, those images can be reviewed quickly and annotated with comments when needed.

    Those rejected are part of a submission process which continue on the Community.

    Once all validated, all the images are merged into a final PDF document, which will held the different validated designs.

    As part of the Salesforce Community process, image comments and annotations help the review by pointing out what needs to be modified.



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  • Partners

    We've got a top notch Partner List!

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    Carahsoft is The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®

    As a top-performing GSA Schedule and SEWP contract holder, Carahsoft serves as the master government aggregator for many of its best-of-breed technology vendors, supporting an extensive ecosystem of manufacturers, value-added resellers, system integrators and consulting partners committed to supporting the public sector. Visit us at www.carahsoft.com


    Carahsoft Contact Information:

    11493 Sunset Hills Road

    Suite 100
    Reston, Virginia 20190
    +1 703.673.3570

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    Spoon Consulting Ltd

    10 years of Salesforce experience and SharinPix PDO Partner

    As System integrator and product Development Outsourcers, Spoon Consulting has delivered more than 100+ Salesforce projects and transformed 250 K people in happy users. Our project experiences and skills cover multi cloud integration (sales, services, community, platform, field service projects), customers journeys, digital channels & ISV development & integration.


    Our teams of 80 consultants located in Mauritius have acquired 10 years of Salesforce experience and hold 160 + certifications by completing projects from Vanilla implementation to large scale multi Cloud Digital Transformation programs.




    Spoon Consulting Contact Information:

    The Factory Building,

    Vivéa Business Park,

    Saint Pierre 81430,



    +230 433 34 77


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    PDF Butler

    Salesforce Document Generation

    Customers expect a personalized experience tailored to their needs and preferably in their language during each interaction with your company. With PDF Butler as your Salesforce document generation tool, you guarantee a fast and future-proof Go Live. Adding language preferences along the way is very easy with minimal configuration! Learn more on www.pdfbutler.com


    PDF Butler Contact Information:


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